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A cartoonist in wartime – WWII editorial cartoons

On a beautiful Midwest autumn morning, with sparse cotton candy clouds dotting a deep blue sky, I was walking across the parking lot toward my ten-story office building when a co-worker got out of her car and said there was … Continue reading

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St. Thomas Aquinas church history – I wasn’t even looking

I have always loved the word serendipity. For one thing, it’s fun to pronounce, being a kind of combination of serene and zip-a-dee (as in do dah!); it combines a happy sense of well being with a frisson of excitement. But more … Continue reading

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Spine perished, a summer project

One of the most popular pages on my website is the one that describes remainder marks, although almost all the pages in my Illustrated Collecting Terms section get a lot of hits. Book buyers do care. They understand, at least after their first … Continue reading

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Judging Saddle Horses and Roadsters

I purchased my first copy of James Barly’s only book, Judging Saddle Horses and Roadsters (privately printed, 1945),  in the Renaissance Book Shop, a fantastic four story warehouse full of books in downtown Milwaukee. Unlike so many of its ilk, Renaissance … Continue reading

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On naming things

An interesting question appeared on one of the newsgroups I frequent. The poster wanted to know the name for the symbols publishers sometimes put between sections of a text. These symbols take a variety of forms. Someone working on a modern … Continue reading

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