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St. Thomas Aquinas church history – I wasn’t even looking

I have always loved the word serendipity. For one thing, it’s fun to pronounce, being a kind of combination of serene and zip-a-dee (as in do dah!); it combines a happy sense of well being with a frisson of excitement. But more … Continue reading

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Internet Sales Taxes – A Modest Proposal

I’m not a tax expert by any means, but I know enough (I hope)  to keep me legal. I reside in Illinois, and I dutifully charge my Illinois customers the going rate, which I then turn over to the state … Continue reading

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On pricing the priceless. Or, the bookseller as detective

Solomon Wallace Stewart was born in 1754 in Mcclarar, Tyrone, Ireland. So say at least three family trees on Ancestry.com, and something called OneWorldTree. None of them cite any evidence except each other. I have evidence. Continue reading

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Nothing ever happened in Fredonia, WI

At least, not much that was worth writing about, apparently. Certainly not in the time period I’m interested in, 1850-1900-ish. That’s the half-century when I had two sets of great, great grandparents and their issue, my great grandparents, living there. … Continue reading

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