THE MOTHER OF ALL PASSWORDS. Ever wish you could skip blithely around the Chip's levels without having to type in those pesky passwords? Try any of these key combinations: CONTROL+D, CONTROL+K, CONTROL+T, or CONTROL+F5. All of them add an "Ignore Passwords" option to the Game menu which enables you to go to any level without typing in a password. The option begins in the "checked" mode, and you may check and uncheck it while it is on the Game menu. The "Ignore Passwords" option lasts for the current session and disappears when you exit the game.

THE GAME ISN'T OVER WHEN IT'S OVER. What better reward could a dedicated Chipster ask for than the satisfaction of that ending sequence after level 144 (FIREFLIES)? Five more levels, that's what! Use CONTROL+N (next level) or the Level / Go To … option to advance to the unadvertised bonus levels 145 (THANKS TO…), 146 (CAKE WALK), 147 (FORCE FIELD), 148 (MIND BLOCK) and 149 (SPECIAL). To be fair, Melinda does leave clues. In the "Strategy and Hint's section," she says: "Level XXX "FORCE FIELD": Dear Chip, This level is so high that it officially doesn't exist..." She also says: "Level 34 "CYPHER": Dear Chip, In some ways this will be the most important level for you." If you do indeed "cypher" the letters on this level, you will discover that they form the passwords: LLIO, HPPX, and JHEN for levels 82 (SOCIALIST ACTION), 137 (GOLDKEY), and 146 (CAKE WALK) respectively.

YOUR MOUSE IS NOT YOUR FRIEND. According to the "Playing the Game" section of the Help File: "You can also use the mouse. Just click the square you want Chip to go to, no matter how close or far away." Not exactly. Apparently, teleporting via mouse click disorients Chip completely, and he will scamper in unexpected directions upon leaving the teleport. There are several levels which are impossible to solve using the mouse. Try clicking your way through level 115 (OVERSEA DELIVERY), but…don't say you haven't been warned!

"CHIPS LEFT" ISN'T ALWAYS RIGHT. The Help File ("Playing the Game" section) says: "The Chips Left display shows how many chips you need to find before you can pass to the next level." The "Rules of the Game" section clarifies things a little: "To complete a level of play, Chip must first collect the required number of computer chips (as indicated on the Chips Left display in the lower right of the Information window). Only at this point may he plug himself in to the cosmic chip socket, and pass through the exit square." What the Help File doesn't say is that if you can find a way to avoid the chip socket, you don't need to collect any chips! On level 20 (TOSSED SALAD) for example, the programmers neglected to include the chip socket. Even though the Chips Left display for that level says you need 15 chips, in fact, you don't need any! On several other levels, like level 60 (SCOUNDREL), there are ways to avoid the chip socket and proceed directly to the exit square.

FORCE FLOORS LOSE POWER WHEN PROPERLY CHILLED. In "Rules of the Game," the Help File tells you: "Force floors are moving sidewalks that carry Chip away unless he uses suction shoes." Like many things in life, however, there is an exception. Even without suction shoes, you can go the "wrong direction" over one (but not more than one) force floor tile if you can slide toward it over ice while holding down your arrow key. This little trick will gain you many seconds on level 53 (TRAFFIC COP) and a few other levels as well.