Chip's Challenge has been around a long time, and exists in both an Atari and a PC version. All of the information developed for this site was tested only on PC's (1992 Microsoft version of the game). Although you will find many similarities between the Atari and the PC versions, you may find some significant differences as well.

In particular, the "Not All the Bugs Are Yellow" section will probably not apply to the game developed for the Atari. Since many of the "bugs" actually work in the player's favor, you may not be able to achieve the same high scores as PC players for a few of the levels.

I have also found minor differences in some password lists for the Atari. I do not know if these differences were caused by typos in the lists, or if they represent real differences between the two versions of the game. The password list at this site is copied directly from my ini file, so the passwords are confirmed correct for the PC version.

On the plus side, Atari players have one extra goodie that PC players can only dream about. The Atari has an additional level, level 150, password MAND. According to several Atari sites I found, entering this level will produce a fractal show, which can be manipulated to some extent by the player.

For a list of Atari passwords (which differs in some details from the list on this site), a good explanation of the fractal generator, and a whole lot more, you may wish to visit the Atari Lynx Page. You'll find a convenient link to it on our Other Fan(atic)s (Chip's related links) page.

If you are a PC player and wonder what the game would have played like on an Atari, see link for Tile World on the Cool Tools page. Have fun!