I have had many, many requests from site visitors asking about how to get the game. The number of these requests puzzled me at first, because I didn't understand why people who didn't already own the game would be visiting the site in the first place, and then it dawned on me. Of course! People were asking because they desperately wanted extra copies for their nieces, nephews, cousins and best friends. Since Chipsters are notorious for playing fair (except for wanting to know all the passwords, shortcuts and other built in cheats) naturally these people must want to know where they could purchase a legitimate copy of the game. <wink, wink>

Given that understanding, here's what I know.

MAC VERSION. To the best of my knowledge, this game has never been ported to the Mac, but there may be an emulation available that would play on the Mac.

ATARI VERSION. I don't know much about the Atari version except that devotees claim it plays much better than the Windows flavor. When this page was originally written in 1998, there were many, many advertisements offering Chip's Challenge and other Atari games for sale by individuals in the newsgroups, and I expect those ads migrated to eBay in their turn. Of course, that was practically prehistoric in internet time, but you might have some success on eBay or Craig's list. See the Tile World heading below for an even better option.

WINDOWS VERSION. The Microsoft Windows version is the game that's documented on this site. Microsoft pubished this game in two collections: Windows Entertainment Pack #4 and The Best of Microsoft Entertainment Pack (which was called Best of Windows Entertainment Pack in an earlier life). None of those products are currently available from Microsoft at this time. They won't offer the game, but they won't give up the copyright either. Hmpf!

TILE WORLD. Fortunately, a windows fan of long standing has created an emulation that plays Chip's levels in both Atari and Windows mode, and there are plenty of fans who are busy creating new games even as you read this. Yep. Currently, in 2010. Go Chipsters! Find links to Tile World and several other neat programs created by fans who just wouldn't let a good thing go on the Cool Tools and Other Fan(atic)s pages.