A Time Preserved In Legend and Song
(but alas and alack!
no longer actively updated on this site.)

Please note that I no longer actively update high times or tips, and this page is presented only to preserve the historical record. Please see the Other Fan(atic)s page for links to more currently active Chip's players and sites.

If you want to get dedicated Chip's Challenge fans really excited, just tell them that there are a few seconds hiding in a level that they thought was already played out! They'll be cranking up their games and limbering up their arrow-key fingers before the virtual ink is dry on the announcement. And even more exciting than reading about some other player's success is being the first person, perhaps in the history of the game, to achieve a new high score on a level.

If you feel the same sense of excitement, adventure, dedication and downright obsession required to go for the high scores, you are more than welcome to join in the quest.

The most obvious way to join the quest is to raise the bar on some level, by making a higher score than what we've already got recorded. The High Scores page has been divided into two sections. One is for confirmed high scores. This means scores which have been achieved by more than one player. The other is for announced high scores. As soon as an announced high score is confirmed by a second player, the first person who achieved the score will be moved to the "confirmed" column.

That's a tricky way of encouraging another part of the quest, which is to help others along the path. If you make a great new high score, the quickest way to get it confirmed by another player is to provide a great tip to go along with it!

But the quest is more than just making high scores. Actually, the high scores are just an excuse. What we're really all about is helping others get as much enjoyment out of this game as we do. That means: don't think you have to top the high score just to supply a tip. If you're browsing the Quick Tips and you see a level that you know a better way to solve, or you could write a tip that makes more sense, go ahead and email your insight. It might be just the ticket for someone who's stuck on that level.

And if you're new to the game, don't forget: the most important way to join the quest is to hang in there and solve all the levels. No matter what your score, that's an accomplishment to be proud of!