Saturday, May 10, 1997 9:30 PM
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hehe. 207. hehe.

The way i was doing this level was to first go to the fireball room, then head all the way through the bee room and do the shark room last. I think changing the order of things is what let me pick up the 5 extra seconds.

I'm now starting with the shark room, then going for the fireball room and finally the bee room. The thing I have been missing for so long is that the quickest way out of the bee room and back to the locked door area is to exit from the bee room the via the same door I came in and head up.

Everybody's got a pretty good score on this level, but this might help a little, if you're not using this route.


Ruben Spaans
Monday, April 13, 1998 10:26 AM
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I take a route slighty different (bring up your old route again, Alice :-). I first take the fireball room. If I go fast, I can enter the room just in front of the fireball. snatch the key and leave. I then take the bug room. get the key, and leave in the same direction from which I entered. Again, I can do this room without waiting for the bee if I'm quick. Then I go up, right, open the door, get the ice skates (this is the key for saving time - if you pick up the skates later you have to take a longer route) and proceed right and enter the shark room. Again, you'll be able to enter the room just in front of the shark. Then, go out, get the flippers, swim to get the chip, get the fire boot, get chip etc. and go to the exit. Voila, 211 seconds :-).

Ruben Spaans