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The secret of defeating the teeth monsters on this level is to go around the outside in circles. The secret of a speed score it to plan a route where you are picking up a chip at nearly every step.

I start this level by moving Chip down one square, and all the way to the west wall (picking up chips all the way). I then head all the way to the north wall, then I come back down the next column of chips up to the horizontal line I just made when heading to the west wall, but I don't cross that line. Instead, I move one to the right, go up one, right three, up one and left three, then I head for the north wall again.

After that, it's pretty easy. I just follow the line of chips around the outside of the big room until I get to the place where I made the original horizonal free row. When I reach it, I move right one, and head down, following the next line of chips back to where it ends near the northwest corner. I reverse this pattern, and repeat...you get the idea.

The second time I come to the place where I reverse and head downward, there are gray wall blocks interrupting the row. I just move around them and back to the row I'm on. When I hit the northwest edge of the chip line again, I go down two, and this gives me a fresh row of chips to follow around to the west side. There are some extra chips left over from my detours around the gray wall blocks...I don't bother with these.

When I'm at the end of this line of chips (on the west side, at the place where I made that first horizontal row so long ago), there is one line of chips between me and the monsters, I quickly head east and cross to the block of chips in the center. If I'm quick enough, the monsters are directly below, and can't get to me. I then go down, until there is only one row of chips between me and the monsters. Then I continue making a circle around the center, until I have enough chips to head for home.

Good Luck!

Andrew Smith
Saturday, July 12, 1997 7:05 PM
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This uses the same idea as Alice's method, in that you pick up a chip in every square you cross.

My method crosses only one "un-chipped" square.

I build a trap at the top of the tableau for the "toothsome twosome" .....[the line of X's on the map]

Go U1 L12 U4 R3 D2 R19
--- takes you around a 3 Blocker and across to another one, leaving a line of chips "XXXX"
--- this is your trap for those diabolical dentures
Go U1 L6 U1 R10 U1 L17
--- clears out chips between the corner block and the mid block, but leaves a line of chips along the top and down the right,
Go D2 L5 U1 R4 U1 L9
--- clears out the chips on the left of the mid block, and gives the maniacal molars time to line up for their capture
Go D5 L1 U6 R29
--- goes down to the open row, back up to the corner and across the top.

When you go down at the next corner those chipniverous chompers will be trapped and no longer a problem.

Now it's just a matter of picking up chips as fast as possible. Here's how I do it.

Go down to the corner, across the bottom and up the side, when you come to the last chip move 1R and reverse direction. Again - down, across and up, reverse direction, down, across and up. You have now eliminated the 3 lines of chips on the outside.

I ignore the next line of chips. Its got too many direction changes and you don't need the chips.

There are 3 more lines of chips before the break to the central section. I pick them up one side section at a time.

Go down AFAP (as far as possible), R1 and back up to the last chip, R1 and down. Pick up all but the last chip in this column.

Go across AFAP, back, and across again, leaving the last chip.

P/U the last section of chips, going up [keep the trap intact] down and back up again.

When you are level with the top of the central group of chips go left, then just track your way around this central square until you have enough chips to exit.

This description is my ideal route, but of course idealism is often sidetracked.

You will probable miss a few chips here and there. No problemo, there are plenty of extras. I find that I end up with 2 rows left below the exit needing 5 chips to close.

A score of 268 is readily attainable, 269 is possible with good luck and good keystroking.