Tuesday, May 13, 1997 9:21 PM
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Everyone probably knows the trick of taking the fewest steps when pushing blocks through the teleport. Essentially, you push a block through, then move to the spot counterclockwise from the square you just pushed block through before making your own jump. Once through the teleport, you then take a step clockwise from your position and that puts you in a pretty good place to push the block into the water.

Well, I had been getting scores of around 196 tops for this method. I really didn't think it could be done any faster. Then I had a brainstorm! I began to kill two blocks for the price of one, so to speak.

The way I do this now is: Grab the red key and step through the teleport, then go through the north red door. I push that block through, take the counterclockwise side step and go through and push the block into the water as normal. I then go back through the teleport and get the red key and the block from the room that is now open and push that second block through the teleport, still as normal.

The switch is, instead of following the second block through, I move to the west red door, open it, and push the first block from behind that door through. I then take my counterclockwise step and enter the teleport from the south. I am then in a good spot to push both blocks into the water. What's more, when I'm done, I'm in a perfect position to jump through the teleport and run directly into the west room, to get my next key and block!

I continue this twofer arrangement until the only block left is in the southeast corner of the maze. That has to be pushed through as a singleton, but again, I'm in a perfect position, after placing that block and grabbing the last chip, to scoot south through the teleport and into the goal.

hehe...who says there are no secrets left?


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Tuesday, July 29, 1997 10:53 AM
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Ok..essentially. I'm following Alice's latest tip on this level re 2 blocks in before being followed..here's my route :


That's the route I use. To get the time (201) it's the same ole story of course. Lickety split with no time to think LOL and no missteps. I had to do this one a gazillion times til my fingers knew the directions without my brain's assist. anyway..the 2 in before following bit was Alice's idea..and a real second saver! Good luck!

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