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This level is called "NICE DAY." That's because the chips are arranged in that "have a nice day" happy face you used to see everywhere (and can still nearly everywhere!). There are two six chip clusters that make up the "eyes" and the rest of the chips form a "smile" near the bottom of the maze.

There's no guarantees on this one because the walkers are random and they can get in your way, but I get pretty good times by starting off going left, then pick up the six chips that form the upper left "eye." I then go five steps to the left and down, to pick up the chips in the smile. Following the "smile" chips takes me to the right hand side, where I can go up and five steps to the left to get the chips in the right "eye." After that, I head for the upper right corner and wait until something hits a green toggle button to open the walls. Then it's straight on home!


Kathy LaPier
Friday, September 12, 1997 1:26 AM
Newsgroups: msn.forums.computergames.classic

Essentially I 'do' the left eye, then the right eye and down to the start of the smile on the right side and wipe up the smile, right to left. from there I dash down to the home square in the lower left corner. A lot of luck is involved in getting the 83. The blue gliders have to be working for you..lol. That is to say, they have to leave a clear path for you AND move over the toggle switches at the right time so you can make it into that lower left area without any waiting at all for the blocks to open. Hope that makes sense!

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