Friday, August 16, 1996 6:39 PM
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RE:Level 18

Why is your time remaining so low on this level?? The flipper is hidden under the block in the upper right corner of level. All you have to do is move one block to get to block where the flipper is hidden then go back and swim to exit. No block pushing needed and especially no bridges.. Hurray. I think this may have just been a typo on your part but let me know OK. Your times are in general blowing me away but this one really jumped out at me and thought I'd let you know that you may really increase your points on this level.

Level 18 532 seconds Level score 14320

John H

Kevin Emmett
Saturday, November 29, 1997 12:14 PM
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To improve your speed in getting the flippers, first, after getting by all bombs, go straight up to the top and then over. After you get the flippers go diagnoly down, instead of the way you came. It takes less time. Then proced as close to the bottom as you can get untill you reach the exit. SIMPLE!!

Kevin Emmett