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. . . On level 19 get each chip exept for the one that would let the monsters out then trap all the monsters and get the last chips.

Saturday, February 15, 1997 9:39 AM
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. . . The bar has now been raised from 163 seconds to 164 seconds.

We already have two solution maps from Kathy and one from Christina on this level…now I'm adding a fourth. I found two second saver tips here, which will be clearer on the attached map.

The first new twist is in the far right hand side of the top section. Instead of going nearly to the right hand wall and luring the monster into the pre-made trap (this required a lot of wasted time retracing steps), I've taken a leaf from Christina's book and been very brave. I'm now taking just two sidesteps to lure him to the right, snatching the last chip from under his nose, and running like heck on the path shown on the map. This eventually lures him into the same bucket as the second monster from the right, and he won't bother you for the rest of the puzzle.

The second tip is in the lower section, where you have to go down three "wasted" steps to lure the bottom left hand monster into his trap. Most of the maps showed going down nearer to where the monster is, but I was irritated at having to wait a few seconds for him to get in a safe spot. By going down to the bottom immediately, he is moving to the safe spot as you are productively busy collecting chips, and he should be out of your way by the time to get to his little cave.

I still think this level's got some secrets…who knows…there could be a solution map # 5 forthcoming!


Andrew Smith (who also coded the HTML AND sent a map, bless him!)
Tuesday, July 15, 1997 6:56 PM
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Level 19 - DIGGER - Time remaining 167 [see further explanation below map]

Go down to the first corner.

Go right, go straight across, past Home.

Keep going straight, don't turn, until you come to the line of chips going up. {You have to go right past the "teeth". Some sessions he gets you almost every time, but usally he's just so surprised at your temerity that he's slow to react.}

Go up to the corner, turn left, at the next junction duck down and get the chips then scoot back up.

Continue along the top all the way to the left

Go down picking up the 3 chips, at the last chip turn right

Forge a new path to the line of chips, pick up the top 2 then go down

At the chip counter go L2 then down

At the first junction, go left get the chips, return and continue down.

At the T junction go right to the next T junction.

Go up getting the available chips, come back down to the first corner

Go right and get the chips, come back 3 squares then cut a new path down

When you come to the line of chips go, right - straight at the "teeth".

You have to reverse directions before he eats you. [It's the toughest move on the level, but it's possible.]

Go left to the vertical line of chips, p/u the 2 chips up then go down to the bottom of the grid.

At the bottom, move 1 square left then go up to the line of chips.

Go left along the line of chips to the last chip {the one down from the corner}.

Move R2 then go up to the line of chips, deke left for 2 chips, return p/u the single chip

Go up 5 rows, go right for the remaining chips and curl into HOME.

Tuesday, August 12, 1997 9:03 PM
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Andrew Smith is a Chip's Natural!

Level 19~167

Finally snatched victory from the jaws of defeat! Thought it wasn't gonna happen! Found a way to discourage that beast from H---at the end. He's the guy that Chip foils at his very first clever move (John's favorite). He follows Chip along across the top and down as Chip roars down to continue his duties below. Mr. Choppers waits patiently for Chip to come collect that last Chip at the end~then CHOMP 96 % of the time. Well~ by creating a double path on that down-up maneuver as you are proceeding west across the top to collect those 5 or so chips, you create a nice chute for him to enter . (Chip sidesteps to the left and returns up.) TheTooth Fairy and a pal stay there~ and if you glance up further along the way, you will see the pair of them harmlessly leering down at you. YES!!

This trick makes those final moves on this level a whole lot less stressful!