Wednesday, August 07, 1996 6:14 PM
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You will have to make blocks and build a connection between pieces of ice first starting 3 units to the right of the first ice piece. You will see that you cross that piece of ice and just keep sending blocks (going after each one and pounding it down before going back to send the next one). This will take you to the island with the chips. After you pick up the chips, go back the way you came to the beginning. Then send blocks down the ice channel that was originally connected to the beginning island. Go after each one and pound it down. This route will take you to the finish. Hope this is clear. It is rather simple once you see that two routes must be established.


Tuesday, August 20, 1996 10:42 PM
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Thanks again Barbara. The trick to lvl 21 is easy after you find it. Set your blocks up to get the chips, but before you go get them ... Take a block with you. Use the block to get to the exit quicker. It saves you from moving 2 more blocks. If I remember correctly...there are three chips on the right hand side (where the other chips are). One chip left. one in middle, and one to the right...all on the very right hand side. Put the block where the chip on the left is, then push it down, and follow. After stepping on the dirt, go to the goal.

It saves alot of time,