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I don't think anyone has a surefire way of getting a great time on this level. Once you step poor Chip off his initial starting place, the force field floors carry him in a mad slide anywhere but where you want to go!

You can usually finish the level, though, if you simply keep pressing the arrow key in the general direction of an available chip. If Chip gets stuck, take your finger off the arrow key for a minute to let him slide out of the tight spot. Another trick is to press an additional arrow key while holding the "main" directional arrow key down. This is usually enough to jump Chip to a better force field strip.

Above all, don't get discuraged! If you just keep at it, and can manage to keep from getting dizzy, you can finish this level and move on to the next!


Ruben Spaans
Monday, April 13, 1998 10:26 AM
email and Chip's bbs

Ahoy there!

I have been playing this level furiously for days, mainly to match your unconfirmed score of 291 seconds. After achieving 289 6 times, 290 three times and 291 three times I managed to beat the high score as I got 292 seconds. I'll try to explain my route.

First I hold the right key, until I'm just above the first chip. Then I do some mad bashing on the down key, in order to move down as fast as possible in the zig zag passage between the two vertical ice slides. Of course you can hold the key down, but I found out I gained a second with my mad keypresses. Keep moving down until you get the second chip. Then press down once more time, before you start moving madly to the left. If you did it correct, you will be moving in line with the chip to the left of you, two squares above a horizontal ice slide. After you get chip #3, press left, left, down in succession, very fast. This will bring you to chip #4. Then move down until you are near chip #5. Actually I wasn't 100 % sure where I moved in this section. Just try out some different paths which will lead you as fast as possible to the next chip, which is the leftmost one of the two chips in the middle lower section of the map. Get the leftmost chip (chip #5) by entering from the left, then move left and hold the right key and you'll get chip #6 and end up at chip #7 at the very right of the map as you are moving. Move down until you are at the end of the downward force floor. Do two quick left moves and get the last chip. Move left again, then down (again, very fast) to move tightly around the walls surrounding the exit. Then, when you are at the bottom, move right and right into the exit!

Please bear in mind that following this solution might be one of the most frustrating things you'll ever do. Expect to be thrown around far, far away from where you thought you were going. However, even if you are a bit astray and circle around some of the chips before you get them, you should be able to consistently get times around 288-290 seconds (at least I did after a while).

Ruben Spaans