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Here's what Melinda has to say about this level in her Strategy and Hints section:

Level 23 "BLOBNET": Dear Chip, Sorry about all the green blobs. They came from a genetics experiment that didn't quite go right. I walled off this lab quite some time ago, and wouldn't dream of asking you to go in, except that I left 88 chips there. This level requires patience, good timing, patience, and patience. Patiently, Melinda.

She is so right! The blobs move randomly, but they don't move very fast. You never have to venture into the part of the maze where the blobs are further than the one square you use to grab a chip. This means that as long as you wait until there are no blobs directly beside the chip square, you are safe to scoot in and take the chip. Of course, the hard part is the waiting. <G>