Wednesday, July 03, 1996 3:55 PM
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The only thing that I can tell you is you need to access the "warp tunnel", or blue dot, from different sides to get all of the chips. Just be patient, and don't forget to try each warp tunnel from different sides. I hope this helps.

Sunday, July 07, 1996 2:29 AM
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This level can drive you nuts! Try this...Go back and forth over each dot. Every time you do, check for a chip by following the path. When you have gone back and forth over a specific dot and there are no more chips, go to the next dot. Let the game lead you. (that might be hard to see, but it will make sense). This will get you to within 2-4 chips left. At that point you're on your own! :-] Keep trying dots till you find one you havent seen before. A chip may look like it's at the top but it isn't necessarily so! Make sure you follow all the paths, you'll get it eventually. Good Luck, sorry I couldn't be more specific.


Friday, August 02, 1996 11:51 PM
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I was stuck on this level forever...until i found out the secret! For me, the secret was...don't click the transporter with your mouse. You must use the arrow keys, because a mouse click and an arrow click from the same [side] of the same tansporter will take you to different places. If all you use are mouse clicks, there are some places you will never get to.

Hope this helps.


Andrew Smith (who also did the HTML coding)
June 23, 1997

My 9 year old daughter, Meghan [a budding chipster, not yet a chipaholic] just beat this level on her 1st attempt....and posted a respectable time of 249 seconds remaining. This is after I just spent hours mapping and trying to figure out how to beat it. I'm sure she did it just to tick me off!

There are 8 teleports
---[call them A - H, in order, from the bottom to the top of the grid]
H is Home/Exit at the top right
A is in the bottom right corner
Your start position is teleport D

You will always teleport up the grid to the next one, A>B B>C etc. regardless of which direction you enter the teleport. The exception being the top teleport, H ----- it takes you back to the bottom one, A

So, go nuts, get lost a few times, have fun. Try blind luck and intuition for a while. There's lotsa time points available here, I'm presently loggin 411 seconds left.

For those of you who want the details here goes - [the rest of you can close your eyes while you find the "Back" key]

/\means enter the teleport from below
\/enter from above
>enter from the left
<enter from the right
Cpick up 1 chip
CCpick up 2 chips
~~change teleports

/\C , \/C , /\C , \//\C , \/C , /\C~~

>C , <C , >CC , <>C , <C , >C , <>~~

\/C , /\C , \/C , /\\/~~

<C , >C , <C , >C , <C , >C , <>CC~~

/\CC , \/CC , /\\//\\//\ , Home There you are, now go go go on those arrow keys.