Monday, March 31, 1997 8:11 PM
Chip's bbs msn

[...] I am pretty much following the route that christina laid out, but she never said who she moved the blocks, so maybe that's the difference. Here's how i start:

Make the long slide around. When i'm in the last half of the top section, i start holding down my down arrow key and i don't let up until i've grabbed the second chip and am right next to the water. Then i go right, and push the second block up two, take a step right and push the third block down into the water. Then i go up and get the second block and push it into the water, and get the first two chips on the left hand side.

Then i return and get the other two blocks to make the second bridge. One of the things i remember playing around with was just getting between the bouncing ball and the block to push the block either left or right (as appropriate) so it was in position over the bridge. This is another one of those things...the timing has to be perfect, but you can push the block over the bridge, go up, over one and down all in one slick move, just missing the ball. This saves a few steps that would otherwise be required if you push the chip up out of the way before positioning it over the bridge.

It's been awhile since i played this level, and i just don't remember all the places where i plowed ahead or hesitated to get the timing right. But I hope this helps!