Andrew Smith (who also did the HTML coding)
June 23, 1997
email from North of the border

The Fire boots are in the bottom left of the maze
The Suction boots are in the middle right
The Flippers are in the top right
The Fire is in the top left
The Forceway is in the middle left
The Water is in the bottom right
Home/Exit is just to the right and down from the start

There is a track to follow. It is roughly {accent on roughly} in the shape of an hourglass, with the start at the left middle of the hourglass and the finish at the right middle. In order to complete the level you will have to go completely around the track and then do another half circuit.

For those who want the details, read on:-

At the start, when you leave the center go Down, this will lead you to the Fire Boots. P/U the boots and return to the track, continue along the bottom going past the water and up the right side. Now you can see the force boots, take the path upwards to get them, then return to this point and take the other path. When you can see the chip at the bottom take the path that leads to the middle. This will lead you to the Exit, just keep on going past the exit and you will end up in the top right corner. You will go by the Flippers, take the next opening left to get them, return to the track and continue up the right side and then across the top. This will lead you to the top left where you can find the fire, continuing along will take you to the force square. Having picked up these two chips you will travel onwards going back to the start position. Retrace your route down and across the bottom of the maze past the water and up the right side. At the first junction take the route down to the water. After picking up this chip you can come back to the track and make your way to the middle and the Exit.