Andrew Smith (who also coded the HTML)
June 23, 1997

Grab the blue key

P/U the chips in the top section

Get the line of chips at the bottom and the 2nd blue key

Go up and thru the blue key door, toggle the first tank out of the way

------ignore the green button {for now}

Go past the brown trap and go left

You have to turn off the brown traps by pushing the blocks onto the small brown buttons, but you can only do one at a time, so you have to keep running back up to toggle the blocks.

P/U the chip at the bottom, go back to the tanks.

Toggle the green dot you ignored before, move the 2nd tank out of the way.

Go to the left and do the trap and block and toggle thing again.

Move the rest of the tanks out of the way, go thru the blue door, then scoot to the red door and Home at the bottom.

Alice Voith
Monday, August 11, 1997 10:09 PM
response to email

You should be picking up the red key after you get the last chip, because you will need that to open the last lock on the southern end of the playing field. The order I do things is this:

First, I get the blue key that you can see beside Chipís starting position. I do not go across the pop-up wall and get the red key yet. Instead, I go back to the right and down, and pick up the first chip I see. Then I get all the chips in that section by going back and forth, and stepping on the pop-up walls in the middle of those long walls. When I get to the end of that section, I go back out to the right wall and down until I am even with the line of chips and pop-up walls in the lower section. I go straight left, getting the chips and also pick up another blue key. When I hit the wall at the end of the chip line, I go north, then back out to the right wall of the maze. I go north for a step or two, go left, and go through the blue lock. I set off the first tank, then do the line of bear traps to get the chip on the south. Then I do the other line of the bear traps, and get the chip on the north. Then I go through all of the tanks and get the chip by the last tank. That lets me get through the blue door at the top. I go through there, grab the red key, and head for the right wall again. I go all the way to the bottom, and then left, through the red door and home.

Hope this helps!


Ruben Spaans
Monday, April 13, 1998 10:26 AM
email and Chip's bbs

A little time saver: In the second ladder area (top left), don't push the bottom block on the trap button. Instead, go for the 2nd block. When leaving this section, press on the green button one extra time and leave via the toggle door instead of the trap. This should give you one or two seconds extra.

Ruben Spaans