Monitor Lizard
Saturday, August 02, 1997 11:21 AM
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Go east to get the red key. (It would save quite a few seconds if I could, but as many times as I've tried I can't beat the pink ball, going up or back, so I think you have to wait for it in that little recess to the right). Watch out for the block coming back at you across the ice, then push the 3rd block to avoid hidden fires. Get the boots and blue key. Build a bridge across the water, go up and then west. Get the next key by going across the line of recessed walls, and come back on the moving sidewalk. Build the next bridge and cross. To get the next key, take the moving sidewalk past the pink ball, then come back through the recessed wall. It's pretty obvious from there on.

Monitor Lizard, Western Australia

Kevin Gordon
Friday, November 21, 1997 2:35 PM
email to Chip's site

I just beat the posted high score on level 43 - Lock Block. The score listed was 123 seconds by Anonymous, but you can get a 125 by using my "clock setting" method of several e-mails ago [see "GENERAL" on the tips page]. The clock just barely ticks to 125 before I enter the exit, so I can't help but think that there might be a 126 in here somewhere... The quest goes on!

A little tip for the board:

The key thought here is that once you have opened the lock and pushed the first block into the water, you should get the block furthest from the water next by going to the side wall, pushing the far block into line with the water, then get behind it and shove it in. The last block is done in a similar manner. This saves you from the long trip around the blocks. You'll get 125 if you beat the pink ball halfway through the level.

Happy Thanksgiving! Kevin Gordon