Saturday, March 29, 1997 11:03 PM
Chip's Challenge msn

Hey everyone! New score: 146!

I've had a real breakthrough on this level. The high score was Christina at 144, followed by Kathy at 141. I had 135..., and nearly everyone else was at 121 or lower. Since Christina did it, I knew it was possible to get a better score on this level, but i couldn't figure out how! It was really irritating to have to "hurry up and wait" for those balls to travel down the corridore.

Anyway, this is really hard to describe but i'll do my best. This doesn't work n every case, because it depends on where you are in relation to the ball in the fourplex room, but in general, you make much better time if you can FOLLOW the pink ball instead of getting in front of it. What happens is, if you follow the ball, say to the left, you can pick up the chips in the upper and lower rooms and be back at the passage just in time to jump in front of the pink ball on your way to the right. But the very best position to be in is to be in one of the four-plex rooms and follow the ball to the other side, picking up the two chips there, then follow the ball back and pick up the remaining chip on the side where you started. I know this doesn't make a lot of sense, because you are covering more territory, but it has to do with waiting less time for the pink ball. If you can get in the situation i just described, you can exit after picking up the final chip before the pink ball comes back to your side.

Anyway, i hope this helps a little...you might want to play around with it. There's lots of points to be picked up here.


Sunday, March 30, 1997 11:23 AM
Chip's Challenge msn

OK... Level 44 instructions ...score of 146

In most places, I do the same kind of move. I'll call it "divide and conquer" and just explain it once. When you enter one of the four main rooms, there is a point where the entry passage meets the horizontal passage with the ball in it. Frequently, you and the pink ball arrive at this place at the same time. If the ball is a little late, wait for it to pass you, then head in the opposite direction. (That's the "divide" part ... you go one way, the pink ball goes the other. ) Grab a chip in one of the sub rooms and slip across to the other one when the ball is in that small section between where you have to cross and the closest wall. Get your chip and then immediately head toward the center passages (where you came in). Duck into a vertical passage to let the ball go by, then repeat the same maneuver in the two rooms on the other side.

That said, here is the route I followed. (The timing is very close for this level. There really isn't much slack for making a misstep):

Go down the start passage, and follow the two pink balls (I don't think you can beat them) to the right. Enter the Southeast room and "divide and conquer", with Chip going West first. Get four chips as described above and exit this room. Hit the closest green button in the main passage and enter the Northeast room. "Divide and conquer with Chip going East first. After you pick up the first four chips, instead of exiting, hit a blue button and "divide and conquer," again with Chip heading East first. You should now have all the chips in this room.

When you get to the main passage, hit the closest green button and return to the southeast room. If you're "on schedule" the pink ball should pass the intersection heading East a little before you arrive. Go West. You should be able to pick up one chip before the pink ball gets there. Now, instead of crossing the passage (I never have time) follow the pink ball East, and get the two chips on that side. You can just finish picking up the second chip in time to get in front of the pink ball as it heads West again. Get the last chip on the west side, and immediately exit the Southeast room (for the last time).

As you reach the main passage, you should see the two balls heading West in front of you. Follow them, hitting one green button on the way to open up the Northwest room. When you get there, "divide and conquer" again, with Chip going East first. Exit this room.

Hit the closest green button in the main passage, and enter the Southwest room. The ball will be heading West. Go East, and pick up one chip. There is no way you can beat the ball here with a crossing, so follow it West and pick up the two chips on that side, finishing just in time to hop in front of the pink ball as it heads East again so you can get your fourth chip in this room. As soon as you have the chip, head for the intersecting passages and hit a blue button. Now you can "divide and conquer" again, sending Chip West as the ball goes East. When you've got all the chips, head for the main passage, give the closest green button a stomp and go into the Northwest room for the last time. I use "divide and conquer" for this last segment too, sending Chip West first.

After that, it's head for home! With this route, the two pink balls in the center passage won't give you any trouble!

Good Luck!