Tuesday, July 08, 1997 7:36 PM
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Get the red key and go down from that square. You will arrive on the fire boot. Get the green key and go left. You will land on the flipper. Get the blue key and the chip and go up. This will open the red door above the pink ball. Go left. Go left once more and then up. You will land on the trap door release and the pink ball wil go. Get the red key and go back down. Go right and then up three times. You will arrive at another chip and a yellow key. Go right from the lower of the three squares and get the chip. Go up from the higher square and get the other chip. Go back down until you reach the fire again. DO NOT GO DOWN!! You will land on the thief if you do. Go left twice. When you get to the inverted L-shaped squares, go L L U R. Go D L. When you get back to the top, go over to the far right and go down. Open the three doors that you have keys for, but try not to land on the green toggle switch. Once you have gotten the chips and the shoes and replaced your keys, go back across the zip floor and over/up the ice. Go through all four doors, and through the teleport. Go to the far left opening and go up. You will see the exit.

Good luck!!


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You don't need any yellow key. Go in through the "back door"...the room with all the creatures in it. Let's you skip the chip socket, so you don't have to collect any chips.