Tuesday, August 20, 1996 2:30 AM
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First time on Ice leave flipper. Don't go thru spys after you get suction shoe.

You will need to go to ice a second time to get flipper and then thru teleport to water and swim to exit. You will get your ice skate last in the large tiled area also pickup last chip there.

John H

Wednesday, August 21, 1996 4:33 AM
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David ,

Here are a couple of other ways to go on these levels that worked for me:

Level 48

1. To begin with, collect just the chip-you won't need the skates. Enter the force floor using the bottom lane.

2. Teleport to ice (you can manipulate the teleports by continuously pressing on the primary direction key and tapping alternate keys at the same time. You want to avoid returning to the original tile room-start over if you do!) Slide over and back to pick up chip. Take one step down and sail over for the flippers.

3. Teleport to water. Swim straight out to collect 2 chips then take a right and enter the force floor right thru the "bad guy". The fire boots are right there for the taking.

4. Teleport to fire room. Pick up chip and suction shoes.

5. Walk on down into the force floor. Collect chip and then go down and pick up flipper. proceed left and down to goal. (avoiding gliders, of course.)

Richard Prentice
Thursday, September 11, 1997 10:29 AM
email to Chip's site

I just this morning matched the unconfirmed high score of 274 on level 48 as of the 8/2/97 scores list. The tips helped, as I had been picking up ice skates for the ice room, but it is quicker to skip the skates and slide through the room.

Likewise, I just found this morning that it is quicker to skip the suction boots as I near the end of the level. After I pick up the fire boots and go through the fire room, I pick up the second- to-the-last chip and go over to just left of the suction boot. Then I go straight down through the thief and the last chip, right into the teleport. After entering the teleport, I immediately go back up to get the flipper. (You can get back from the flipper across the force field without the suction boot.) Then back down through the teleport. If you immediately hit the left arrow after entering the teleport you come out in the water room and can head for the exit. I picked up a couple seconds that way over what I had been able to achieve with the suction boots.


Richard Prentice rprentice@ti.com

Richard Prentice
Thursday, September 11, 1997 1:40 PM
email to Chip's site

Hi again,

Followup on my last message - I was able to BEAT the posted score on level 48 by a second. I scored a time of 275 by NOT picking up the suction boots near the end of the level.

Took a few tries, though.

Richard rprentice@ti.com