Saturday, August 03, 1996 3:24 AM
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Don't enter each island until bug is going away from you. You will notice that the bug will go out the way you came in...Pick up chip and go for next island. I do the outside islands first so that when I come up to the first outside island with no chip I know its time to go up and get the last three chips on islands around exit. In the corner islands it is sometimes best to pause in center to be sure bug has exited so you don't run into it.

John H

Kevin Gordon
Thursday, November 06, 1997 2:53 PM

I was playing around with this level, and I knew that the "H" pattern was the most efficient way to get to all the islands and back home. So I wondered if it mattered whether you went DOWN (like the current solution) or UP from the beginning. I worked out a pattern around each bug that got me, and arrived at the pattern in the bitmap here. The short story is: If you go up first, you don't have to wait on any paramecia and by doing a little dance with two of the bees, you don't have to stop at all! I knocked off a whole second! New high score: 317!

There might be a 318 in here for a champion, but I'm skeptical.

Kevin Gordon