Thursday, September 19, 1996 9:27 PM
Chip's Challenge msn

This level has several ways of passing it. I'll tell you the quickest for me. Go eight to the right, from your starting position. Now, this may take awhile for you to do. I died a few times, before I finally got it. Step on the zip floor, and just as you reach that part of the zip floor that looks like a whirlpool, go down. (You should be going down the zip floor now, surrounded by fire. Remember, you don't have fireboots, so be careful.) The green key is to the left, so when the time is right, go left and get it. After you get the green key, step right, back onto the zip floor. At the bottom, you zip right (passing the fireboots. Ignore them, you don't need them.) When, you get to the very right had corner, BEFORE you zip up... QUICKLY, run down. Now you can, CAREFULLY, collect all the chips. Then, proceed to the left side and, again, CAREFULLY, collect all the chips. Now, you're ready to head for the goal. There is a teleport at the very bottom, center (in the middle of the left and right section of chips). This is where you need to go, after collecting all the chips. On each side of the teleport are zip floors going into the teleport. You want to step onto the one, on YOUR right. Now, you'll be zipping around, where the door for the yellow key is, but you have the green key. Head for the teleport. After you enter it. You'll be zipping around by the green door. Head for it, go thru it, and run to the goal. That's it. After you've done it a few times, you'll have it memorized, and be able to run thru it all. Let me know how you did.