Andrew Smith (who also coded the HTML)
June 23, 1997
email from below the 44th parallel

Oh come on! You don't really need a hint for this level do you?

Okay then. Whenever you come to an intersection always turn right.

Monitor Lizard
Saturday, August 02, 1997 11:21 AM
email to Chip's site

Andrew's tip is a good one, but I've found I get better times with this tip:

Whenever you come to an intersection, always turn LEFT!

(something to do with the side of the road we each drive on, perhaps?)

....And then I discovered something which may just shave a second off, if you want to get fussy (although I can't get my head around the "keep right" rule without brain strain)....

If you start off to the WEST, and follow the maze hugging the RIGHT wall, you take the last chip in a part of the maze surrounded by chip sockets...and because you've collected all the chips, they let you THROUGH them so you don't have to back track around the corner.

Not an earth-shattering revelation, but it may just grab you a precious second, and it all adds up!

Monitor Lizard,
Western Australia