Kevin Gordon
Tuesday, October 07, 1997 11:23 AM
email to Chip's Site

I numbered the Rooms 1, 2, 3 and 4 in the normal order you would encounter them riding the floors (Upper Left, Lower Left, Lower Right, Upper Right). Go RULU and enter teleport from the bottom. This saves you from the pointless trip around Room 1. To avoid same pointless journey around Room 2, there is a breakaway wall to the Right as you go down the Force floor between Rooms 2 & 3.

You will enter Room 3 right above a pink ball. Go immediately UP to the top of the room then R2 and D7 to the Flippers. Go back U7 to the top and all the way to the right (R9). Then move D5 (until you are level with the chip). Go L4 to get the chip then R6 to exit the room.

After turning the corner, Go UP through the breakaway wall into Room 4. Then (U) L4 to get on the Ice/Force floors. The entrance to Room 4 is to the LEFT as you come down the right side of the room. Go (L) U4 L7 and wait for the pink ball to bounce. Jump in behind it and follow it D6 then R into the chip chamber. Collect the chips and go back out of the chamber. Avoid the pink ball by going UP the left wall, then RIGHT across the top and DOWN to the exit of Room 4. Go R2 to get on the Force/Ice, then L3 D2, ride the floor, L3 U2 L2 D.

Now you are riding around Room 1. The entrance is at the top of the Room. If you have been quick about the rest, you should arrive in Room 1 ahead of the pink ball. After stepping Down into its path, go L4 D5 R4 U D L4 U4 to get the chips. Jump in behind the pink ball as it travels right and exit the room (U R4 U2). Ride the floor down, through the teleport and enter Room 2 (Hold L). Go U3 L2 D4 L3 R3 U4 R2 D3 R2 to get the chips and exit Room 2. Then hold the Left arrow until the level is complete!

Ruben Spaans
Monday, April 13, 1998 10:26 AM
email and Chip's bbs

This tip might be too obvious, but it was worth its weight in gold for me... I follow a solution similator to the one in Kevin Gordon's tip. However, I found out that when I entered the lower left room as my last room, I actually still had the flippers, so I could swim (!) instead of zig-zag to get the last chips. It took me ages to discover, and to chipsters in the same situation, I hereby submitted by tip....

Ruben Spaans