Kevin Gordon (who also did the maps)

To do this level well, you need to know where six keys are on your keyboard. The right & up arrows to move, the spacebar to answer "OK" when Chips says "Ooops! Look out for creatures!" and the CTRL, P, and N keys! The best time can be reached (after MANY tries) by ignoring the monsters altogether. It's very difficult to describe these moves, because sometimes you will be going "Oof, Oof, Oof, Move" and other times you will be running full speed down a hallway. But if you map out the level, the actual squares you move are as follows:

R3 U8 R6 U9 R16 U R4 U <- - - Looks simple, doesn't it?

The thing that makes these directions difficult to follow is that you can't always tell how far you've gone while waiting on a series of green walls to change. What you're shooting for is to hit as many of the uninterrupted hallways as possible so you can pick up some ground on the approaching enemies.

Kevin Gordon