Friday, March 07, 1997 1:34 AM
Chip's Challenge msn


I know the area you are having trouble. the top ball is going right and you have to wait for the other two to go by and bounce back before you can go......Here is the way around that......LET THE TOP BALL GO BY THEN KEY UP TO THAT ROW AND KEY LEFT 3 TIMES. AS SOON AS THE SECOND LOWER BALL HAS PASSED KEY DOWN ONE. LET THE TOP BALL PASS TO THE LEFT THEN KEY UP THEN YOU ARE ON YOUR WAY TO DO MORE OF THE LEVEL.

Hope this helps.


Friday, March 07, 1997 7:35 PM
Chip's Challenge msn

Yep. I've tried. I actaully did get past that hellish cluster of four bouncing balls at the top once (one going up and down on a three square run, two in a five square run and a single in another five square run). That was complicated by the fact that there are two side-to-side bouncers that barge their way in and mess up any little window of opportunity you may find. But i did get through it once, only to realize that i had nowhere to go, because the next obvious move would have been to the left down the passage, but there are up-and-down bouncers there with only a two square run. I don't believe it's possible to get by a ball bouncing in a space that short because you need to get both in and out of it's path, and that seems to require that the ball has at least two free squares besides the one you are actaully using. Maybe i'm wrong, but i think it's just plain impossible to get through there.


Saturday, March 08, 1997 7:31 PM
Chip's Challenge msn

229 5,949,000 (Your wish is my command Kathy)

Hint: Your end game will make or break you on this level....You must be quick in the last section so that you can ride that string of balls down to second notch, there you only have to wait for them to go up and your on your way over to where you pick up the other keys. Get in that first notch on the way up in the second channel, when balls pass get up to the keys, when balls pass go for the yellow lock and that last key. The bug and ball will not be a problem in the lower channel on the way to the exit.

J LimoJohn 3/8/97 4:30 PM