Wednesday, September 18, 1996 1:19 PM
Chip's Challenge msn

[ED: info from the Microsoft Knowledgebase]

Chips bug : level 70

Chip's Challenge: Two Bear Traps Won't Release in Level 70

The information in this article applies to:

- Microsoft Entertainment Pack for Windows, Volume 4

- Microsoft Best of Entertainment Pack for Windows, version 1.0


In level 70 of Chip's Challenge, Chip must pass over several brown buttons that release different monsters from bear traps. The monsters chase Chip as he makes his way through the maze.

However, two of the brown buttons, one on the lower-left part of the maze and one on the lower-right part of the maze, do not activate the bear traps associated with them. As a result, Chip can pass around two of the monsters without being hindered.


In this level, titled Nightmare, Chip has 199 seconds to complete the maze. Chip does not have to pick up any computer chips, but he does have to be quick to avoid capture by any monsters. Several brown buttons along the route of the maze release a monster from a bear trap. Chip must avoid these monsters to finish.

In separate areas of the maze, two of the bear traps, one holding a paramecia and the other holding a tooth monster do not get activated when Chip passes over the associated brown buttons. As a result, Chip has easy passage through these parts of the maze.

Microsoft is researching this problem and will post new information here in the Microsoft Knowledge Base as it becomes available.

Saturday, March 01, 1997 10:18 PM
Chip's Challenge msn

Hi Carol!

I think you've come to the right place! For starters, let me suggest that you go back up and read the posting called "Things your help file never told you". It was posted by Alice just last week I believe.

Now, as for level 70, I'm not sure where you're stuck, so you may need to be more specific,but I'll take a stab at this.

Once you've gotten past the blue tank : Run all the way to the right. UR (up one, right one) fast (fast to avoid the tile sliding back onto you); RU fast; U, LU fast; UR fast; L (pushes tiles to left. You'll need this later to get home) 2R; UR fast; L; R; 4U; 5U; 2U (puts you on fireball toggle). Now quickly : 2D; R; D (wait here for the fireball to pass you )

Follow path up to un-trod brown tile that's keeping the bee in. When safe, step on the brown tile and quickly move one step beneath it. The bee will exit and turn right. Once he's done so, run up and grab the red key. Now follow path down to the safety block. Push down tile beneath you and move quickly down and to the right to the next safety block, avoiding bees that will come after you. Now you're on your way home.

2R; D; 2R: U (If you didn't push those 2 brown tiles to the left per the instructions above, you can't do this!). Now go through the red lock, around and up to home.!

I believe Others had some tricks and hints that were added to these instructions once, but I'm afraid I can't find them. I think it was Alice or Maybelle, so maybe they'll be adding some more hints or variations!

Saturday, March 01, 1997 11:41 PM
Chip's Challenge msn

That one fireball you speak of gave me pause while responding to Carole. I used to tuck in that little safe niche in the wall and wait for it to pass me and then to come back. I would then follow it up, safe in the knowledge that while running ahead of me, it would make a suicidal leap into the water. I think it was Alice who then posted that it wasn't necessary to wait for it's return..that you could make your dash for it as soon as it passed you by the first time. And indeed, it does work that way. But he who hesitates is lost! LOL

Sunday, March 02, 1997 8:17 AM
Chip's Challenge msn

I noticed something interesting on this level. (Like everyone else, when a question pops up, i replay it a few times ). It involves the glider and the parimecium. I've found two ways to get past the glider. In the first, i push the moveable block down but don't step on it, and the glider bounces off of it and detonates on a bomb. In the second, i just go for it, pushing the moveable block all the way down and making a run across the gravel. If i can get to the gravel before the glider does, i'm safe. The second way is also quicker, of course.

Now, here's the interesting thing. If i use the first method on the glider, i've noticed that when i step on the paramecium button the little guy just makes a circle and winds up back in the bear trap. If i use the second method, the creature follows me down, then i have to use the moveable block to foil it.

Also, i've notice that sometimes, the bee just circles and winds up back in the bear trap.

Has anyone else noticed this? Anybody got an explanation?