Andrew Smith (who also did the HTML coding)
July 3, 1997

I can't think of a way to give just a hint, so here's a detailed solution.

Go down, push the block and p/u the Red Key.
Go thru the Red Door on the left.
Push the block 3 squares to the left.
Go down, push block squares 2 down.
You are now between two blocks, push them apart 1 square each.
p/u the 4 chips in the 3 by 3 square.
push the block still in that 3 by 3 square to the left into the corner.
(at this point you should have a walled square with an exit at the top, Chip has a block to his left which is now "locked" into a corner and a chip below his feet)
Go out and around to the bottom of this block, push it up 2 squares so it's in the middle of the 3 by 3 square.
You can now work 2 blocks into the waterway in the middle to get another Red Key.
Start by pushing the rightmost block to the right, work it into the waterway.
Use the same route to get the block in the middle of the square to the waterway.
When you get the next Red Key, repeat the above process on the right side.
This will let you move 2 more blocks into the central waterway and get the Green Key.
Go left to get 4 chips and a Blue Key.
Go thru the Blue door, go up and get the Yellow Key.
This frees up 2 more blocks that can be worked into the waterway, that gives you access to 4 more chips and a Red Key.
Open the Yellow door, go up and get another red key.
Move 2 more blocks into the waterway.
Go thru the Red Door to get a Blue Key, and work the block into the waterway.
Go thru the Blue Door, get the Yellow key and work the block into the waterway.
Go thru a Red door to get Blue Key.
Head to the exit.

Thursday, August 21, 1997 1:31 AM
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I KNEW there was more time to be gotten out of this level.

new score : 348 YAHOO!

and I think we can go faster still. For me it was economizing on steps in the little side rooms. here's kinda what I do. from the outer top edge of the box, I push that tile all the way down. next (and it changes depending on which side you're doing), I bop left to the outer wall and down to collect that chip. then I go U1 and 2 steps sideways to innerwall. Down 1 pick up that chip and then push that block in the middle to the outer wall. I then run straight up and out and around to enter from the bottom.

Notice..I don't pick up the top 2 chips before I exit. that's where I'm economizing my steps. From the bottom of the box, I push that middle block up 2 spaces, push the inner wall block out into the path, run back down thru bottom, turn the corner and push that block up into push position. I back up and enter thru the middle opening. on my way up and out, I pick up the top chip near the inner wall. The 4th chip waits to be picked up after I've placed the 1st block in the water and come back for the next. Phew!

Sure would have been easier to draw that on a map! LOL..hope you can visualize it!

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