Andrew Smith
July 3, 1997

You can pick up all the chips in the force grid in about 11 seconds.

The keying sequence is D R U3 L U R D R D2 L D R D3 L5 U2 R D L2 U2 R2 U3 LS D R D L2

Now you are on the outside raceway, the exit is 5 squares up from the botton left corner

Go down to the bottom, teleport, p/u the yellow key

Enter the teleport from below with a slow U U clic

----[clic 1 takes you into the grid, just above the teleport and forces you back into the teleport, taking you to a new location, clic 2 takes you from here to the chip counter and the red key]

P/U the red key, enter the teleport from above with a D U D(hold) move

This takes you down thru both keyed doors and leaves you one square from home.

Monitor Lizard
Wednesday, August 06, 1997 10:19 AM
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I'm afraid there must be a typo in Andrew's instructions...on about the eighth move he tries to run up a one way street, and it's all stuffed up from there. Here is my route:

D R - U3 L U R - D R U R -D2 L - D R D2 - L D - L4 - U2 R - D L2 U2 - R2 U3 - L2 - D R D - and then L2 to catch the train ride.

The exit is two false wall panels about four or five squares up from the southwest corner. Hit your left arrow as you approach, and once through keep going left until you hit the west wall. Then go south through the teleport.

Get the yellow key, then go either U or R to the next room. (D or L just put you back in the maze.) I always go UP.

Now you're above the door, but you need a red key. Any direction will take you there. I go UP again.

Get the red key, and then any direction will take you back to the first room again, where you got the yellow key. Go LEFT or DOWN, whichever's quicker!

Again, either U or R to the next room.

Down through the doors, watch the monsters, hug the right wall and you're HOME.


Monitor Lizard

Ruben Spaans
Friday, April 17, 1998 12:56 PM
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479 seconds

I took a somewhat different path in the force maze. My route goes D R U U U L U R D R U R D D L D R D D D L L L L L U U R D L L U U R R U U U L L D R D L U R U U. My path is different after getting the last chip and before stepping onto the looping force floor. Instead of going L L (as the existing solution), I go L U R U U. It is faster if you move quickly enough.