Sunday, July 27, 1997 8:55 PM
response to email from site

Hi Linda!

You are right on the money! There certainly is a way to redirect (most of) those fireballs so they circle harmlessly in the rooms that you've done already. You can start Chip straight downward in the lower right hand room, and pick up the chips just as you think you would. When you get the last chip (in the northeast corner of the southeast room), go left and create a complete extra row of stomped down squares right next to the ones that got stomped when you picked up the chips on the east wall. You will have to go one square south of the teleport to do this. Then jump through the teleport from the east.

This will place you in the southwest room in a safe spot. Go west, until you are just above the eastern border of the stomped down squares where the fireballs are circling. Here, do a quick down, up and left (to get out of the way), and you will have created a path for the fireballs to exit into the room you just completed. Pick up all the chips in the normal way, doing the west wall first. After you get the last chip, head straight north, and you will arrive in the northeast room.

Head directly north, pick up the chips on the north wall, then the east wall. You won't be able to get rid of these fireballs, but there are only two, and they don't cause much trouble. After you have your last chip, head west one row above the bottom row so that you can enter the teleport from the north. This will send you to the last room, in a safe spot.

There are several different patterns you can use in the northwest room, to get the fireballs to head out the teleport. I'll let you play with it a while, now that you've got the idea. One suggestion I have is the forget the chips and just practice making the patterns at first, until you figure out the best way to redirect the fireballs. I'll try to remember to post the map for this level next weekend.


Kevin Gordon
Tuesday, December 30, 1997 3:54 PM
email to Chip's site

Standing on the shoulders of giants who have gone before: I just got a 219 on Drawn and Quartered. The basics: I used the published pattern with the following exceptions: I don't do the extra step in the first room before stepping into the teleport. This allows no pauses in Room 2, but creates two "dodges" in Room 3. The latter don't take very long, though. In the last Room, I come out below the teleport as usual, but then proceed to the right-hand wall and up to the corner, getting all chips along the top, then down the left side. A final run across the bottom of Room 4 completes the level.

Kevin Gordon P.S. I can also confirm the previously reported 218! Also, "set" the clock as is previous posts [see GENERAL on "Tips" page]