Andrew Smith (Who also coded the HTML)
July 15, 1997

The blocks spell out "THINK", which is the operative word. When you move a block, make sure you dont lock it up.

There are just enough blocks to do this level - there is no time limit, so just be careful.

You need 60 blocks - 1 for each of 56 chips and 1 for each corner to let you get the corner chip.

There are 69 blocks on the board, but 8 of them are locked in the "N".

You have to push the rightmost block of the "T" up into the water to get the maximum number of chips.

Take your time, when you get bored or when your fingers start moving faster than your brain, remember F3. Then go for a coffee!

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[Editor's note: I had most of this tip written before Andrew supplied his. Since it gives more details -- and I put a lot of work into it -- I decided to post it anyway.]

This is definately not one of my favorite levels. There is a trick to it, but you have to do a whole lot of boring, mundane work to get to the clever part, and if you make one mistake, you've got to start all over.

If you had a bird's eye view of the brown blocks in the middle of the puzzle, you could see that they spelled out "THINK." You're going to have to think to beat this one.

You are required to pick up 56 chips. There are 65 brown blocks in all, including the two that block Chip in at the start of the puzzle. Of those 65 blocks, eight are not availble, because they are in four block clusters and can't be moved. This means you have only one brown block to "waste" by using it without picking up a chip.

Here's the way I tackle it: I start by moving Chip to the left and up, taking out the two blocks that form the left hand side of the "T" cross-bar. I open up the vertical column of the "T" by picking out a three block section in the middle and pushing the top and bottom blocks in one, and the middle block either up or down. This makes an opening to the inside, and I then use all the currently available blocks to get chips.

At this point, the two right hand blocks of the "T" cross bar are remaining, and they are connected to the top of the "H" vertical column. Here's where you "waste" that chip. The two blocks left over from the "T" and the block at the top of the "H" make a three block set all up against the edge of the water. Push the middle block into the water and use the last block from the "T" to get a chip.

Now you're ready to tackle the "H" and open up the rest of the letters. Start with the second chip from the top of the "H" column and push it in until it touches the right vertical column of the "H". Now push the chip from the center bar down two. Go right, and push the chip from the right vertical column of the "H" (the chip that was immediately below the cross-bar) one to the right. Now back up and go to the bottom chip of right vertical column of the "H" (the chip next to the water) and push it one right. Now go up, pushing the orphan chip up one. You've now opened up the "H".

Proceed to the right, pushing the first chip of the "I" one to the right. Back up and go up two. Push another chip from the "I" one to the right. Then go down one, which pushes the chip that was in between these two down and opens up the "I."

The next letter is the "N." You should be able to see a cluster of four blocks that you will not be able to move. Go to the chip immediately below that, and push it one to the right. Now, back up, go down two and push that chip one to the right. Back up and get on top of the chip that was in between these two. Push it down. and go to the right until you get the cluster of four blocks. Now, push the chip above you up one. Get to the right of that chip and push the chip that's third from the top of the next column one to the right. Back up, and go up, pushing the chip that's next to the water one to the right. Go down, pushing the chip that was in between these two one down.

Go right, to the top chip in the "K." Push it to the right until you can get underneath it, then push it up. Push the top chip of the top slanting arm of the "K" to the right, and into the water. Push the bottom chip of the bottom slanting arm of the "K" down. All the letters are now opened up, and you have access to enough brown block to get all the chips. It's merely hard labor after that!

Good Luck!