Tuesday, August 06, 1996 11:56 AM
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Christina and Barbara,

This one is easy too....

Start by plugging hole in wall to your left with the first block just above Chip. Now go up and plug hole where the bees are coming through with the second block. Next loop to the right and up to just right of the last block of that little wall area. Key up 7. Key left 12. Key down 1. Now put the peddle to the metal and go left all the way to the left wall, then key down to safe zone. (all this must be done quickly) In the safe zone you will see a toothy creature. Stay left and go down the walk way and that creature will go away into the water. Wait in the very bottom left corner and a toothy creature will come toward you from the right on the lower walk way. When it gets two or three block from you just step up with Chip and it will go in the water. Now shortly after that creature a bug will come from the same direction. Just go back up to the safe area and that bug will dump itself in the water. Ok now the lower channel is clear. All you do is procede right to the far right corner and then up to the EXIT.

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John H

Wednesday, August 13, 1997 11:15 PM
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Maybelle should tell you the hints on this one but I will venture a couple of my own.

1. You don't neet to move any blocks. You can get through the bee area without blocks.


3. When you get to the safe zone area after going left through the bees area go down the right wall to the safe spot just above where the toothcreature is already there. Then go left to the wall and then down to the corner. I does not work everytime but sometimes this make the timing of the toothcreature and the bee right.


5. Wait in the lower left corner for the toothcreature. (at 985 or 986)


Just as he gets next to you dump him in the water.....now go right (about four or five squares)quickly and up and if you have done it right the bee will just pass under Chip. (If the bee is not there just as you go up to avoid the bee you will probably have to try it again.) Then off you go to the exit. Hope this helps.


Thursday, August 14, 1997 9:36 PM
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[...] I did finally manage to get 962! And I can get that pretty consistently following John's directions. [...] I have one theory..and that is that when I get down to the lower left hand corner the clock is often just changing from 987 to 986. I think I actually fare better when I get there at 985. I haven't proven this yet..but will let ya know when (like that positive thinking ? :) ) I get that 963!

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Thursday, August 14, 1997 10:29 PM
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I know what you mean, Kathy, although it shouldn't make any difference. Basically, you have lured the monster in the right passage to the top when you brave the bee line and get to the "safe dirt and water" room. Since the monster traps the bee, theoretically, if the time of your passage to the bottom is always the same, the monster and bee should always arrive nearly together. My suspician is that whether or not they do depends on where you hesitate as you go down to lure the first monster in the water. Wherever you hesitate, that monster on the other side will pause, and if it's at the wrong place, the bee is going to hit him and head back for the top on the wrong schedule.

I do have the fealing that there is a tantalizing secret on this level. Those moveable blocks that you can't push in, but only out, intrigue me. For instance... if you clear out the first monster then go back to the top and make a straight run for the bottom on the right hand side of the water, you can get to the moveable block on the bottom just ahead of the second monster. I'm thinking that if the bees on the outside weren't there, you could jump out through that block and lure the monster out of the passage, then get back in and head for home, because the bee would have gone by.

I've been experimenting with taking a block up with me and plugging the bee passage where they head west to see if enough bees will clear out of the bottom to make it work. Hasn't worked yet, but then I haven't had many runs where i didn't make some other error. Just a thought.


Friday, August 15, 1997 3:44 AM
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Hi Barbara,

I've found that the less time you spend going horizontal the better! Try working down after you dodge that bee coming at you in the top dash across. Just hug the wall from that point on down to the monster, then jog down one step left and go to the left wall and down. No pauses...just flow. This seems to get the final monster moving downward a bit sooner...does that make sense? BTW...Don't bother to wait and wait for the bee, If he's not there by 970, chances are he's taking the scenic route! :-)


Friday, August 15, 1997 11:22 AM
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Barbara..What does the clock read when you get to that lower left space? It should be reading somewhere around 986 or 985. Assuming you are getting there at that time, you have to wait until the teeth monster is on the tile just to the right of you before bopping up one space, then must quickly run down 1, to the right and up one, just before the bee passes you. The clock should be reading about 972-971 as the bee passes. let us know what your clock reads at these points. BTW..FINALLY GOT THE 963 Late Last night! Yippee!!

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