Sunday, August 04, 1996 1:22 AM
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This one is easy. Move block left past red balls then go up to the first channel that you can go right on to the bees. What I do is insert the block into the bees and then run away back down the channel to the left. The bees will swarm out of the area round the chips and then you go in at your leisure and pick up 5 chips and then go up to the exit. Fini... You'll love it. The bees vacate the area and leave the chips for the taking. Just look the situation over and you may even see an easier way. However it is the bees you want to direct away from the chips. Let me know how this worked for you or if you found another way.

John H

Andrew Smith (who coded the HTML too!)
July 3, 1997

I like LIMOJOHN's solution, it's fun.

If you want to get time points, after placing the block and scooting left out of the bugs path, go down around the "U" wall, past the 2 water squares and then up into what was the bug track.

The bugs will head into the water and you can scoot around and pick up the chips.

The fastest way I have found is to push the block left and up as in the previous methods, but push it straight up into the first square in the bugs path (this will create a 5 square window in the bug trail). Go right immediately, race around and pick up the chips, home and out.

With this method I have equalled the best time of 578 remaining.