Sunday, September 01, 1996 1:30 AM
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I may be wrong but I think you are trying to make Level 86 much harder than you need to. I have 376 on the Level with no effort at all. Look at the row of bombs and you will see where the sharks need to be directed. Move block to get the sharks to go to that spot and then get down by the exit so that when the last bomb goes you go to the exit.

John H

Sunday, September 01, 1996 12:10 AM
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I hope you have / had a wonderful Labor Day Weekend. And, here's hoping you don't mind if I pick your brain on some of your OUTSTANDING level scores.

RE: LVL 86 ~ I'm still 2 secs. behind you on this one. I've tried putting the block in different spots, but with no success. Now, I put the block in the left hand corner, second from the top, third from the left. Then, I rush back to press the red button to quickly make more flying objects. The prob. is I can't seem to make them fast enough, I guess. Have any suggestions?


Monday, September 02, 1996 9:45 PM
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Re LVL 86 : Actually, I used hints from both you and John. From John I learned to look for the most logical (& easy) palce to put the block to redirect the 'kites' (6 left, 6 up, 1 left..which puts it just to the left of the existing block above where they come out. From you I got the idea to bang back & forth over the monster making button a few times to release them more quickly. Then I shoot down & wait in the wall opening just to the left of the exit. I quickly follow the last bomb-kite to home.

hope this helps.


Thursday, June 26, 1997 1:18 PM
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Hi Chipsters

Got to 379 on this level.

1) Push block left until it is 2 squares past the first permanent block.

2) Then push block straight up to the 2nd top square.

3) Wait for the ball to pass and push the block onto the top row.

4) Go back to monster base and hit red button a couple of times. You only need 6 monsters to detonate the bombs, so don't overdo!

5) Head down to exit, wait for the monsters and out you go.

Ruben Spaans
Thursday, April 09, 1998 4:35 PM

381 seconds

I found a totally different route after experimenting with an endless amount of routes which kept leading me to 379 seconds. The new route goes like this:

At the start, go left immediately and push the block left until it has cleared the shark cloner. Then, push it up and place it alongside with the lower left wall of the 2 walls above the start place. The moves are 5L D L 6U L U R. Then head for the shark clone button. Be aggressive and step on the button as many times as possible at the same time as dodging the pink ball. When the pink ball arrives, just step aside, and run for the button again as the ball moves past. When the timer reads 388, go down and left to the exit area, wait until all the bombs have exploded, and then go for the exit!

Ruben Spaans