EDITOR'S NOTE: Apparently there are two versions of the chip's data file existing. The more common version allows completion of the level as in the tips labeled "normal" chips.dat. However, some games that came with the Entertainment Pack #4 have a chips.dat file which constructs the playing grid in a way that makes it nearly impossible to complete the level, although one inveterate player did manage to do so. His tip is labeled "corrupt" chips.dat. See more information in "Not All the Bugs are Yellow."

Sunday, February 23, 1997 11:45 PM
Chip's Challenge msn
Re: Level 88 "normal" chips.dat

i'll do my best to describe the level solution without a "picture."

The only places in level 88 where Chip has a choice of route are the centers of the spirals (where the chips are located). For most of the spirals, you go straight across, exiting from the chip-center directly opposite your entry point. There are a few exceptions though, as noted. These are in shown in the order you will come to them. (You have no choice on entry direction, that's just there to help you be oriented.)

1. go straight across

2. go straight across

3 & 4 (these form a pair): enter 3 from north, exit to the west; enter AND exit 4 from the east. You will then return to the spiral where you picked up the 3rd chip from a westerly direction. Now exit to the south.

5. enter from the east, exit to the south

6. enter from the north, exit to the west

7 through 11: go straight across

12: enter and exit from the west. (The 12th chip is very near the goal. You should be able to see your way from here.

Hope this helps! Post back as to whether or not it worked.


Ruben Spaans
Tuesday, March 24, 1998 3:57 PM
Chip's Challenge msn
Re: Level 88 "corrupt" chips.dat

As a mad and dedicated chipster, I have of course completed the corrupt level 88 with a score of 300 seconds (!). It was very tough, I lost [most] of the time, but at least I proved it was possible. So, here is my solution (just for curiosity):


Directions in the middle of each spiral:

D D D U D L R R D (w) R (x) L L L exit!

(w) means that you sometimes have to wait because the walkers might block the path.

(x) means that you will lose here most (if not all) of the time.


What's even more strange, level 88 on the Lynx (1990) and Commodore 64 version (1991) are similar to my "corrupt" level 88. Both these versions vere released before the Windows version in 1992. The Commodore 64 version was easy enough because the walkers seemed not to infiltrate the level as much as the Windows version. So we might never know the truth (perhaps some frustrated player at Microsoft patched the file?)

Ruben Spaans