Monitor Lizard
Saturday, August 09, 1997 11:47 AM
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G'day Chip Mates!

Build a bridge to the forcefloors, but DON'T use the corner block. Go left, and find the hidden entrance in the left wall to get the yellow key & chips.

Use 4 blocks to build a bridge over the first pond...get the chips & blue key, and come back the same way.

Go right. Directly under that overhanging bit is a hidden entrance to the pink balls. Go in and right, pick up the five chips, and then come back, continuing all the way left through the blue door and ice slide.

Forget the skates and the first chip, get the green key & chips. Go back the way you came, through the pink balls, then left and up to the green door.

Push the block all the way left, then build a bridge along the left wall. You get the fireboots.

Take all the chips. Good Job!

Down across the fire for the chips. Forget the blocks.

Back up, and left to the green door. The last nine chips and out.

Monitor Lizard