Tuesday, April 29, 1997 3:23 PM
msn Chip's Challenge bbs

Hint on Level 92: Recently discovered~not yet discussed...

Have you all discovered that there is no need to wind all the way to the left and through the teleport to collect the Chips? Instead, after collecting the blue key, proceed back just past the Home set up and enter the vortex thru the green key passageway. Collect the chips and when you reach the center, toggle thru the teleport and back. This move will give you the final Chip. Then it's just a simple dash around the vortex to Home! Judging from the scores, it looks like Alice and Kathy have already found this route!! Hope this helps!

MSN Charter Chipster

Andrew Smith
June 23, 1997

The first move is to push left

Work your way over to the grey dot, go over it and up towards Home

Go to the Right and Up the side

Pass the Bouncing Betty and grab the Blue key

Head back past Home and pick up the Green Key

Ride the Fireball Expressway to the middle of the squares

[Now you still need 2 chips]

Teleport to the other block area

Check your chip count - Surprise, Surprise, it's at 1

Teleport back to the center

Square dance with the fireballs around to the last chip and Home