Sunday, September 08, 1996 9:23 AM
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LVL 93 (The way I do it)

From starting position :

To move first two tiles :
R, 3U, 2R, 2U, L, R, 2D, 2L, 2U
2D, 4R, 2U, 3L, R, 2D, 2L, 2U

To get first two chips in upper right section :
2D, 7R, D, R, 6U, 2L, 8U, 8L, R
L (when 3-4 of the pink balls on down under),
4R, 2D, 5L (avoid pink ball), D, 2L,
2R, U, 5R (avoid pink balls), 2U, 2R, 5D, L, 3D, 3L,

To get to and move next tile :
4R, 4U, L, U, 3R, D, R, U, L, U, 3R, 3L, 2U, 4R, 3D,
L, D, 4R, L, 2U, 2R, 11D, 9U, R, D (Slide),
2L, D, L, 4U, 3D, 2R, 4U, 5L, R, 2D, 4L, 4U, 2R, 3D,
U, 2L, 2D, 3R, L, 2U, 2R, 3D, D, 7L, R, 2U, 2L, 4D,
R, D, L, U, L, D, R, D, 4L, 2R, 5D, 3L, 2D, 5L, 4U,
4R, 4U, (you should now be on safe square w/ brown tile above you), 7U & 12R (while avoiding kites),

To get to next tile :
12L & 7D (while avoiding kites), D, 5R, 11D, 14R, 6U, 5L, 3D, 3R, U,
To move next tile :
2L, D, L, 2U, L, U, 5R, U, R, 5D, R, D, 9L, D, L, 6U, R, U, 2L, D, L,
3U, L, U, 11R, D, R, 2U, R, U, 17L, U, L, D, R, D, 2L,
Repeat blue above [editor's note: don't know what was "blue" in the original message]
8U & 8D (while avoiding kites),

To get last tile :
4D, 4L, U, L, 2U,
To move last Tile to 'safe position':
L, 2U, R, 3D, L, D, 8R,
7L, 2U, R, D, 3R, 2U, L, 2D,
2U, R, 2D, 2L, 6D, 2R, 4U, 3R,
L, 3U, 2R, 9D, 4U, 2L, 3U, 4R, 11D,
2L, R, 2D, 2L, 4U, 2D, 2R, 3U, 2L,
R, 3D, 2R, 5U, 4L, 3D, U, 2R, 2D,
7L, 2U, L, 2D, L, D, 3R, 2L, 2U, 4R, 3D, 2L, 3U,
2D, 4L, 6U, 6R, 2D, 3L, 3R, D, 3L, 3U,
D, 2L, 2U, 5R, 3L, 2D, 4R, 6U
(Once again, you should be on safe square, with brown tile above you)

To move last tile to get last chip :
15U (while avoiding kites),
2R, 2U, 2L, D, U, 2R, 2D, 4L,
U, 3L, 2D, 2R, U, R, U, 4L, R, U, L, L,
U, R, 3D, R, D, L, U, L, 3D

Ya got em all.. scurry on home!

Good Luck.

Sunday, September 08, 1996 6:17 PM
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Kathy and Christina,

First of all, Kathy your level 89 directions are a thing to behold. It must have taken you more than a minute or two to produce them! Basically I do the same thing, same order, same moves, EXCEPT ehen heading out to get the BLOCK ON THE ISLAND I go across right (same path you bring it back) rather than down and over-seems to save a few steps. Also I use the ice chute beneath home , rather than going down the force door to go down and do stuff down below-can't be sure that's any quicker though. My current 93 score is 589.