Monitor Lizard
Wednesday, July 30, 1997 11:33 AM
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There isn't much effort to this one. Half the puzzle solves itself without Chip even having to move, which is a bit tedious. So here's my tip....leave the sound turned on, and go and make yourself a coffee and a nice snack!

Keep dropping by to hear if the explosions have stopped (which means the fireballs are falling in the water), adjust the blocks to create an adjacent path, then go away again and do your laundry!

Then next time you come back to hear just the quiet "pop" of the clone machine, adjust the blocks again, then go and vacuum the rug, or fix that bathroom tap....

Eventually, Chip will waltz through a clear path. This tip doesn't make for a really exciting challenge, but it's becomes the most productive level yet, so far as getting things done around the house is concerned!

Monitor Lizard (aka Nudgy) from Down Under.