Kevin Gordon
Monday, October 20, 1997 1:30 PM
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Update: Collect the bottom chips beginning with the top halves of the letters first. Here's the new sequence. I also changed the block transport for the last block so you can use it as a shield from one of the pink balls while opening the yellow door. [Editor's note: this tip is a refinement of a tip for the same level that Kevin sent earlier in the day. The two tips had so many similarities that first tip was not posted.]

Start by going R3 D3 L3 D6 to get out of the Fire chamber and push the block down to the Fire boots. The block will glide over the boots and allow you to pick them up. As soon as you have them, you are in a safe horizontal row. Go R4 and wait for the pink ball to bounce below you. Then go D2 R2 D U6 to get the chips.

Exit D5 L2 U2 L3 D L5 (pushing the block) U2 L2 U2 D6 to get the chips. Keep moving R2 U2 L3 (pushing the block) U L D6 to the middle of the letter C. The lower chips spell C-H-I-P (how quaint!). Collect the chips starting with the middle of the letter C and moving to the right getting only the top half of the letters. The pattern is R U R4 D R3 U R2 D R2 U R3 D2 R6 to the right edge. Go D (getting yellow key) and move back left to get the lower half of the letters: L7 U L2 D L2 U L D L U L3 D L4 U. Then maneuver around the block: L6 U R4 D R. Push the block U9 (avoiding the pink balls, the top ball should not be trapped to your left). Then open the left yellow door L U2 D2 R2 U L D L. Once back under the block, go U10 (making sure the pink ball is to your right.) Then continue R U L4 (pink ball should be below block.) Back out R D then L3 as the pink ball passes you headed up. Push the block U5 (the pink ball should not interfere). Now L U R5 (wait on pink ball to bounce at bottom if necessary) R5 D3 R3 U3 R into the EXIT!

Note: Most of these timings require you to go almost non-stop through this level. If you pause, you're back on your own!

Kevin Gordon