Monitor Lizard
Saturday, August 09, 1997 4:46 PM
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Make sure you go down to the curly ice slide and grab the flippers. Then remember to use them!

(I wasted a lot of time building a bridge over the long water passage, forgetting Chip could swim!)

Monitor Lizard

Thursday, October 02, 1997 6:58 PM
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Sorry to say, I do not know what route is shown on the solution map but I did find a couple of things that will help on this level......You probably already know them....

You do not need to move the block again after you get the last chip in that area that you need to move blocks to protect from ball....just come down and scoot under the block to the lock and then on up to the bouncing ball area...

Now, if you did that fast....the bouncing balls will probably not be at the top but closer to the bottom...(the first one third one etc.) Now I keyed 4 then 3 and then over to the corner and down to the next section of chips.....and there is a nice little pattern to picking up the remaning chips.....sort of pick up a chip and key three then drop down and pick up chip and then key three etc.......If you get the rythm..which you will.. you will be in sinc with the bouncing balls.....in other words the balls will be working opposite from the way you are going...the trick is clicking down 2 to get the next chip in the series....

Hope this helps.