Monday, August 05, 1996 8:23 PM
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I haven't passed this one yet, but I've conquered the force floor. First, go in the direction of the creatures, ignoring the force floor for now. As you go up, timing it just right to avoid the creatures, quickly go right, then down. In case you didn't notice it, there's a chip to the right. Get the chip and wait there until it's safe. Then, when Chip is ready, dash across the ice and run to the spot he began at. Now, you're ready to conquer the force floor. Basically, it's just going up and down and the right moment. I never get it on the first try. I've get to get the timing down. You'll see. Now that you've made it past the force floor, Chip must destroy the bomb with the brown block. Have Chip grab the two chips first, BUT be sure to avoid the trap. The brown block is in another force floor. You want to stand on top of the force floor. Just push the brown block down & the rest will follow. Now, the brown block is in the trap, and Chip can step on the release button to free the block. After freeing the brown block, use it on the bomb. Well, that's the farthest I've gotten. If anyone figures out how to get past the planes and fireballs, let me know. Or, maybe, someone did something different than me. In any case, I hope I helped with the force floor.

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Tuesday, August 13, 1996 9:09 AM
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Christina & Barbara :

I finally passed this level. In case you are still trying to complete it, this is how I did it. Follow Christina's instructions posted 8/05 to the nasty monster place.

Once on the safety block, as soon as Kite passes, DLD FAST to center chip.

Then, as soon as Fire ball passes, LLDD FAST to left lower safety. Then strut on home. Hope this helps.


Wednesday, April 02, 1997 1:33 AM
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New score: 131.

This level is really named correctly: Torturechamber! First there is that nasty force field/fire slide, and then there is the moveable block that gets "stuck" in the force fields half the time. And then...and then...there is that horrible glider/fireball merry-go-round, that leaves one anything but merry! I think this must be the worst obstacle in the entire Chip's inventory (level 91 excluded...that's on a plane of it's own).

In the beginning....i found that i could slip in front of the first glider for that trip around the outside of the force filed/fire section. You just have time to snap over to get the chip and get back again to stay in front of that same first glider. but you will only be one square in front of it after picking up the chip.

The trick i use for getting through the glider/fireball thingee is: first: keep an eye on the fireball. When there is a fireball in the upper right hand square, move Chip L/D/L. This works about half the time. The other half, I keep getting nailed by a glider as i cross the ice. Still haven't figured out how that's happening! After getting to the chip in the middle, i exit by watching the glider, and when it is directly above Chip, i move U/L/D3 to get out of the square.

Anyway...this is an interesting level, but very very tough, in my opinion. Anyone else have a candidate for the toughest spot in the game?


Saturday, April 05, 1997 3:06 AM
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Level 109 From 111 to 130 Thanks again Alice.

I was holding a 129 then it dawned on me that you said it was possible to get infront of the bug on the first go round. And sure enough it gained me 2 more seconds. End game still needs a little work. (still hesitant after picking up chip in lower chamber) duh...so what else is new?

For you newbies looking in, in order to get infront of the bug on the first go around remember the ice is your friend. While chip is sliding on the ice get ready to key in the direction you need to go next. Once you understand that you can get infront of the bug almost everytime.

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Saturday, April 05, 1997 3:21 AM
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RE: Level 109

I posted that getting in front of bug added 2 seconds to score. That should have read 1 second. Level 109 130