Sunday, April 06, 1997 8:10 AM
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Hello everyone!

I've been playing with level 110, and managed to match Christina's high score. There's no map for this level, and i wanted to record how i did it before i forget, so i'm posting an explanation. If you follow the route described, you can make it, but be warned....there's no room for a miskey! Times are very tight in most places.

From the starting place, take Chip directly right, and up along the outer wall of the room that holds the seven blocks. Enter the block room from the top, pushing the upper left hand block out of your way, into the corner. Push the center block in the column of three to the right, and push the lowest block from the column of three straight down, until it is just above the green button. Push the block left and straight down just as the pink ball that guards the goal passes beneath you heading right. If you have your sound on, you can actually hear Chip "umph" as the block presses against the pink ball for a second. This timing is tight. Keep running until you are all the way to the bottom of the main room with the two east/west balls in it.

When you hit that bottom wall, make a quick left (staying in front of the ball in the bottom row), then down into the lower left hand corner room. Pick up both chips, then plow right through the blinking wall. It's going to look like you will hit the pink ball that bounces in the next room, but have faith and keep going right through and into the next room with the two chips in it. You just have time to grab these and get through the blinking wall into the force field corridor before the blinking wall to that section closes. Slide down, get the blue key, and slide back. You will have to wait a second or two for the blinking wall to let you out of the force field room, and you'll have to wait a tad for the next blinking wall to open as well.

As you're waiting at the blinking wall to enter the room that the north/south ball bounces in, keep your eye on that ball When you clear the blinking wall, wait for that ball to hit the south wall, then follow it north. It's going to hit the blue door and return pretty quickly, so hook right as soon as you are out of the door, and go up one. This puts you in a safe horizontal row. The north/south ball should be heading south by now, so you can step back into the column that leads to the blue door. Wait for the ball above you to pass you heading west, then go through the blue door and collect both chips. Wait at a safe spot in this room until the north/south ball enters the room, then follow it out, going to the safe center row of the main room then left, and up, out of the room. If your timing was good, you will be able to run from the main room straight up toward the block room for the next stage. If your timing wasn't so good, you will get nailed by the ball that guards the goal .

The timing is very tight on this first part, but if you go as fast as you can, and wait where indicated, the bouncing balls won't give you any trouble. One thing I like about doing the level in this order is that if you mess something up, you haven't wasted 40 or 50 seconds sliding on the ice.

Anyway, I take the blocks for the ice section from the bottom of the block room except for the last one. I push each on out on the ice as it get it, but don't collect any chips until all the blocks have been pushed out. When I'm getting my second last block from the block room, I push the last block up through the top door. Then, when I have sent my fourth "ice block" skidding, I go north over the top of the block room instead of into it. The block is waiting for me, and I push it east until it hits the wall beside the ice. Then I push it down ( you can use it to shield you from the pink ball in that column). I like to push the blocks out onto the ice from the bottom up, and collect the chips from the top down, so that after I return from the final ice slide, I'm near the goal.

Have fun!


Chip's Challenge msn

I actually attack this level quite differently from the way you do Alice and I'm afraid I haven't your gift for the detailed verbal explanations, but I'll give it a go.

1. I start by entering the block room from the bottom. 2U, L, 2U, R, Down to just above the green toggle switch.

2. I take care of the lower rooms first. First I collect the 2 chips at the bottom left corner and then wait at the blinking block to the right for it to open. As SOON as it opens I dash straight to the right thru it and the next blinking block.

3. Of the next 2 chips I come to, I collect the top one and then dash right thru the next blinking block as SOON as it opens and onto the force floor. If I make no missteps, when I come back with the key, the blinking block is open (a millisecond away from closing) and I dash thru , pick up the chip I left there and dash left thru the next blinking block and wait a millisecond on the tile to the left of it.

4. I now quickly follow the vertical pink ball up 3 and then duck quickly to the right, U, L, wait for the top ball to pass and retreat and then dash up and gather both chips in the little room before the ball comes back. then I dash out of that room.

5. Again, I enter the block room from it's bottom, bringing out the lower right block. I use this to gather the Chips which are retrieved from the lowest entrance to the Ice room. (I'll call that entrance tile #1)

6. I use the method of anticipating the next move by holding down the appropriate arrow key. After collecting those 2 chips, I run up and to the left entering the block room from the top this time. As soon as I push the middle block down one space, I double back up and push one of the top blocks into the middle anticipating the next 'push down'.

7. I then collect the rest of the ice room chips in order. I collect the next chips by entering the ice from the 2nd opening from the bottom, the next from the middle opening etc.

Hope that explains it. Make sense? Hope so.