Sunday, August 04, 1996 6:49 PM
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The area that gave me trouble was the first area where the red balls were blocking the entrance. I think I made it thru there once without the aid of a block but was killed on the return. So what to do? I pushed a block up there and stopped the first red ball. The other two or three balls are fairly in sinc so it was a walk through. I really can't think of a cheat on this one except watch for the balls you are trying to get by to get in sync. Some of them are and it makes it easy to get by them but some of them wait just a little and they will be. Also there are some times that you do the run ahead and then dodge right or left as the ball passes you. What a long post....Sorry.

P.S. One time on this level I had all the chips and came back to go thru the exit and had the blocks all pushed in so I couldn't get to it...needless to say I just turned Chip strait up and went right for the water. Quick and painless..."Chip can't swim without flipper" Yessssss I knowwww.

Happy ball dodging,

John H

Friday, August 16, 1996 11:49 PM
Wednesday, September 11, 1996 11:51 PM
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Lvl. 113 ... I figured out a great way to pass this one. Take the left over block with you. You can use it on one ball. I used it on the first ball I encountered around the first corner after the first set of balls. I won't lie and say it's easy. But, it wouldn't be any fun, if it was. Like I keep saying, YOU CAN DO IT. Don't lose hope.

Good luck,


Wednesday, September 11, 1996 11:51 PM
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I have 417. If you are still taking the block up to get by the first red ball you don't need to. Position Chip to the right and when the first red ball moves left step in and when the two above it move left key up three and your past them.

Coming back out is just as easy only from the left side and you deal with the two red balls first. When I stopped dragging the block up there for an assist getting through the red balls it really helped increase time left.

John H

Friday, September 20, 1996 11:01 AM
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Don't know if this will help Barbara, but this is what I do.

Once past the first 3 pink balls, stand in the 'left lane' just below the next (4th) ball. As soon as it hits your wall, run up none stop. I get right through!

hope this helps.