Sunday, August 25, 1996 3:52 AM
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This way came to me just lately! I think the time saving comes at the beginning. Instead of waiting for the bug, go speedily on down and as the bug turns right and before fireball gets up, take a quick step down and 2 to the left. Gather chips below and dodge back up the way you came, not forgetting the chip to the right. Then proceed as usual.

Have fun,


Friday, September 05, 1997 6:58 PM
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Hi Greg!

Well, to answer your question about Level 114: there are several ways to do this level. The secret to getting the chip near that top, that's guarded by two fireballs, is to get rid of one of the fireballs. The way I do this is to go down the left hand side of the fireball room first. As soon as you get rid of those chips on the left, one of the fireballs will head straight down, and go back and forth along the bottom of the room. Then, you can go back and pick up the center chip from the right hand side, and the chip at the top. There will still be one fireball guarding that top chip, but you can fool it, because as soon as you sneak in and grab the chip, instead of trying to get all the way out, tuck Chip in that little niche in the wall. The fireball will bounce harmlessly against the wall where the chip used to be, and you can follow it out when it leaves.


Saturday, May 02, 1998 2:45 PM
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Hi Laura!

This is a tricky level. The secret of tricking the teeth monster is to remember that Chip moves much faster than he does. You have to use the wall that's made up of three blocks. Chip is on one side, and the monster is on the other. Take Chip just past one end of the wall (let's say the top end), and wait until there is nothing but a blank square between Chip and the monster. Then, quickly, run Chip to the bottom end of the wall. The monster will chase him, but won't be fast enough to catch him, and Chip can scoot under the wall and get to the other side. There, he can pick up the last chip and the key quite safely. You will have to repeat this maneuver to get out of the section and through the lock to the goal.

Hope this helps!

Alice (aka fishofgold)