Sunday, August 04, 1996 8:25 PM
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The following teleport sequence apply to all four blocks.

Starting at the Island with the blocks....

Don't follow thru on 1. thru 14. Send Chip thru teleport from another direction.

Direction to push block into teleport

1. left

2. right

3. left

4. right

5. down

6. left

7. up

8. down

9. up

10. up

11. down

12. up

13. left

14. right

15. down and follow thru with Chip. You will be at the island that you build bridge to the right to the exit. Repeat the above with the other three blocks and your done. First time effort will get you 57,500 points. Not bad for pushing only four blocks around and not even having to collect any chips and there are no bugs to deal with either.

John H