Monday, August 05, 1996 3:25 PM
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On the upper section of this level only use the red button at the lower left to generate blocks. The rest is S.O.P. The only problem I had with the upper part of this level is I would keep sliding accross the ice into the water thinking there was a block in position on the other side. Also when there is three blocks there in the channel where the blocks are generated it won't hurt to push the center one up or down..You won't get hit by moving block.

Thank you for the kind words on the other levels.

John H

Friday, August 16, 1996 11:49 PM
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Lvl. 116 ... RE: Upper Section. I always get the 3 chips I can get without blocks first. I first you just walk up to. Then 2nd and 3rd you can safely slide across the ice to get. You slide on the 2 "spots" to the left of the bottom left hand red button. Now, just as John posted, you only need to deal with that red button. DO NOT TOUCH ANY OTHER RED BUTTON!!! So, go ahead and step on the red button once. Now, go to the right and you'll see the wall of block on the right. And, on the bottom 3 blocks, 1 of them belonging to the wall. You can safely push the middle block up, then send Chip up after it. Don't worry the blocks won't hit you. Now, you can 2 chips (one above Chip, and one to the right of Chip). Go back down across the ice, and hit the same red button (the 1st one on the bottom left hand side). Then go back to the 3 blocks, and again push the middle block up and send Chip after it. This will push the block all the way to the top. Good. OK, go back and push the same red button again, then return to the 3 blocks. Push the middle block up again. But, this time you don't need to send Chip up, because there's nowhere for Chip to stand. He'd just slide back across the ice. Yet again, step on the same red button and return to the 3 blocks. Now push the middle block, and quickly step to the right. This way the block won't hit you. Now, you can move the block, and place it in the water. Just keep using the blocks in the same way, until you get all the chips and the key. If you need anymore help with this level, just let me know.

Good luck,